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The Android TV box is easy to set up. With a quality HDMI cable you can already connect this box to your TV. After you plug this to your power source and with your Wi-Fi connections, you can already be online and the box ready to function. This box can connect to the internet through 3G if you don’t have the Wi-Fi connections. The Android TV stick will be this means to connect to the internet. You can also enjoy other benefits with this box that has Android capabilities. Your collection of photos in your Android phone or your laptop can be transferred to this box and also the favorite movies you have stored. You can do this through USB or through Bluetooth and if storage capabilities are not enough, you can use SD cards or an external disc for storage. This devise may not be as powerful as your Android tablet or laptop computer such that processor speed may not be as fast, but the fact that you have already a bigger screen, it can already be an advantage.



Good entertainment can be acquired free especially from the radio and television and having an internet TV can be more exciting. However, these are TVs that are expensive, but you can still have this exciting time of entertainment if you have an Android TV box. Having your Android mobile phone will be giving you this kind of good entertainment and also with television set that has HDMI compatibility. With the use of remote control, you can access the web when you have this box connected to your TV with an HDMI cable used as the connection. If you have a Wi-Fi connection at home, you will be able to log in to online TV programs with this box connected to your TV set. The internet enabled televisions are costly but with this TV box you will be able to access the web without the need for subscription and your Wi-Fi connections will just be this means and the cost is also lower.

Surfing the net through your television set is already an enjoyable experience, even if you don’t have the smart TV that has internet capabilities. This capability can be provided by your Android TV box connected to your set by the HDMI cable. You need to be sure though that your TV set has HDMI compatibility and this can be shown by the HDMI connections at the back or at the side of your set. Because this gadget has Android capabilities, you can also do multitasking through this box, just like what you can do with your smart phone or Android tablet.
Other devices and gadgets can also be operated through the Android TV box like the wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, or remote. It is a compact box and also very handy because it is portable and can easily fit into small places or wherever you will place this. Upgrading your TV set can be done with this box, and you don’t have to spend much for this.
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