6 ni 1 Wireless Charger 10W Qi Charging Wireless Charger

2021-04-24 15:14

At present, data cable plug-in charging is commonly used. This charging method usually has poor contact with the data cable interface for a long time, and a single charger is not widely applicable, because different types of electronic products require different chargers. , When charging, it is necessary to find a suitable socket and straighten out the wiring, which is really time-consuming and laborious; the charging of various portable electronic products is a headache. However, having an all-in-one wireless charger can solve this problem.
The principle of electromagnetic induction applied by the intelligent all-in-one wireless charger is a non-contact charging system, which no longer transmits electric energy through a wire (charging line), but is charged by a wireless transmission method. There is no physical interface for charging, and compared with ordinary chargers, it avoids the trouble of plugging in or unplugging the battery.
One charger can charge multiple loads. Buying one charger for a family can satisfy the whole family. As the load increases, the work efficiency will increase, so it can save electricity and reduce unnecessary expenses. .
Compared with ordinary chargers, it reduces the trouble of plugging and unplugging, and at the same time avoids the inapplicability of the interface and poor contact. The elderly can also use it conveniently.
As long as the inductive load is placed on the charger, it can automatically inductively charge. Through information feedback, when the inductive load is fully charged, the power will be automatically cut off to realize the intelligent charging process.
The six-in-one wireless charger night light can simultaneously charge Apple Watch/AirPods/AirPods Pro Apple Pencil/wireless charging and other devices. Support mobile phone 10W fast charging, support Type-C input, dual USB output, Qi wireless charging and charging, super fast and convenient. The night light can be used alone, white light/warm light/white warm light, and the three-color night light turns on your warm life.