Correct use of wholesale 22.5W fast charging powerbank

2022-07-29 08:17

Nowadays, people's demand for wholesale 22.5W fast charging powerbank is increasing, and various beautiful and fashionable mobile power supplies on the market facilitate consumers' charging needs. However, the power bank brings not only convenience, but also a potential safety hazard.
At present, there are still many products with low quality and low safety performance on the market. Improper use and the use of low-quality and low-safety mobile power supplies may cause serious accidents. You must learn to use wholesale 22.5W fast charging powerbank.

wholesale 22.5W fast charging powerbank
1. Try to choose regular channels to wholesale 22.5W fast charging powerbank
Do not buy products with no brand model, no manufacturer, no electrical parameter identification, and no warning instructions.
2. Carefully check the shell and weight of the wholesale 22.5W fast charging powerbank when purchasing
Poor quality mobile power products are relatively rough in workmanship. For the same type of housing, the higher the capacity, the heavier the weight should be.
3. During use or shelving, avoid contact with heavy objects or sharp metal parts. This is to prevent the internal cell from being deformed by heavy objects or pierced by sharp metal, resulting in a short circuit inside the cell.
4. Avoid overcharging
If the charging indicator of the mobile power supply shows that the charging is completed, the mobile power supply should be removed in time to prevent overcharging.
5. Avoid short circuits
The input and output ports of the wholesale 22.5W fast charging powerbank should be avoided from contact with metal parts such as keys to prevent short circuits.