Do customized magnetic wireless chargers 25W emit radiation

2022-12-18 16:10

As an electronic charging product, the charger itself cannot avoid radiation, so it is inevitable for customized magnetic wireless charger 25W to have radiation. However, the power of the customized magnetic wireless charger 25W is very small, the charging time is longer, and the radiation generated is also small. Within the safe range, the magnetic field generated by the customized magnetic wireless charger 25W is very weak, which can charge the device but will not affect nearby credit cards, video tapes and other items that use magnetic recording data. But try to avoid direct contact with the charging platform when charging. In fact, customized magnetic wireless charger 25Wproducts are electronic devices that work at ultra-low frequencies. The product specification documents of the Wireless Charging Alliance show that the operating frequency of this type of wireless charging products is in the low frequency range of 50-60HZ, and the body responds strongly to electric fields. The body's response to magnetic fields is almost non-existent, so this system will not affect human health. Therefore, the electromagnetic radiation generated in theory is equivalent to that of ordinary small household appliances. Moreover, this standard is lower than the electromagnetic field exposure limit for public contact products promulgated by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, so it is safe for the human body and there is no need to worry too much.