How many times can the best PD 20W Magsafe Powerbank charge the phone

2022-08-11 08:43

As portable devices such as smartphones begin to enrich people's leisure life, a problem that people have to face is the power that is not proportional to the functions they have. Therefore, the best PD 20W Magsafe Powerbank was born, so that the smart portable device can still be used for a long time after the power is exhausted. Of course, with the popularity of this kind of accessories, the variety of products on the market began to increase, and the problems associated with them became increasingly prominent.
When choosing a mobile power supply, the first thing to look at is its rated power. The greater the power, the more times the phone can be fully charged. But for electronic devices, can the best PD 20W Magsafe Powerbank be able to charge the mobile phone as much as the power is calibrated? The answer is obviously no.

Why does the best PD 20W Magsafe Powerbank get hot when it is in normal use?
The reason why the best PD 20W Magsafe Powerbank heats up is because in the process of use, part of the battery energy cannot be output 100%, and part of it will be consumed in the circuit inside the mobile power supply in the form of heat energy. The higher the efficiency, the lower the heat generation will be, because less energy is lost on the circuit.
Of course, heat will also bring some serious problems, such as: overheating and short-circuit combustion, and high temperature accelerates the aging of components.