How to choose a good magnetic wireless charger 25W

2022-11-23 11:18

How to choose a good magnetic wireless charger 25W? The following points can be considered:
Note: Heat will be generated during wireless charging. When choosing, you can choose a magnetic wireless charger 25W with a fan for cooling.

3. Safety: To put it simply, it means whether there will be danger, whether there will be a short circuit, or whether it will explode. Safety is one of the criteria to test whether a magnetic wireless charger 25W is good or bad.
It is best to choose one with anti-skid function, because it is easy to move when wireless charging, which will affect the charging speed.
4. Brand power: When choosing a magnetic wireless charger 25W, don't choose any three-no products, and don't be greedy for small and cheap, choose which small brand. First-line brands have a complete processing mechanism no matter before, during or after sales. It is a guarantee for consumers
5. Appearance value: This depends on personal preference.
6. Choose whether it is a flat type or a pad type.