How to store the PD 20W Magsafe Powerbank

2022-08-15 16:20

Why does the PD 20W Magsafe Powerbank explode?
1. Inferior batteries
Poor quality cells, when overcharged, overdischarged or short-circuited, the internal pressure suddenly increases, and the pressure exceeds the range that the shell can withstand, and it will explode.
2. Improper use
Many people are very casual when using the PD 20W Magsafe Powerbank, just plug it directly into the bag, or put it away after use. In fact, although the PD 20W Magsafe Powerbank is not squeamish, it should not be careless. High temperature, humidity, short circuit, extrusion deformation, disassembly, etc. may cause its explosion.
But you don't have to worry too much, the PD 20W Magsafe Powerbank is not a time bomb, as long as you buy the regular brand mobile power supply through the regular channels, pay attention to the correct use, there is no problem in general.

PD 20W Magsafe Powerbank
How to store the PD 20W Magsafe Powerbank?
The PD 20W Magsafe Powerbank must be kept away from corrosive liquids such as water. At the same time, if conditions permit, it is best to find a small bag to wrap it, put it away when not in use, and put it in the bag when it is used. In addition, when charging, be careful not to charge in direct sunlight. At this time, the charger will be very hot, which may cause danger.