Is best magnetic wireless charger 25W harmful to phones

2022-12-16 16:07

A best magnetic wireless charger 25W refers to a charger that is connected to a terminal device that needs to be charged without a traditional charging power cord. It adopts the latest wireless charging technology. By using the magnetic field generated between the coils, it can magically transmit electric energy. Inductive coupling technology will Become a bridge connecting charging base stations and equipment.
Is best magnetic wireless charger 25W harmful to phones?
Under normal circumstances, the best magnetic wireless charger 25W will not harm the mobile phone. The current working frequency of wireless charging is below 1M, so it will not affect the signal of the mobile phone. Wireless charging has no effect on the battery life of mobile phones. It is basically the same as wired charging, but the rate is lower, but the power conversion rate of best magnetic wireless charger 25W is still very high, which saves more energy consumption. Best magnetic wireless charger 25W mainly use inductive coupling technology, because the coupling technology mainly generates current through the magnetic field of the coil, and the internal components of the battery itself cannot form a magnetic field, so the internal structure of the battery will not be damaged during the power-on process. At present, most mobile phones on the market conform to the QI wireless charging standard, and have a built-in wireless receiver. It has a rated voltage and current, so best magnetic wireless charger 25W have no effect on mobile phones.