New Bone Conduction Wireless IP68 Waterproof Helmet Headphone

2021-05-31 14:41


The little friends must wear helmets when they ride motorcycles.It goes without saying that the helmet is to protect the safety of the friends, but wearing a helmet will affect the use of the headset and the use of in-ear headphones during riding will affect the safety of exercise; for this reason, the helmet headset was born.

This audio system consists of a sound generator and a microphone. As long as the sound generator is fixed on the outside of the helmet with its attached bracket, the generator will use a patented technology to transmit the sound to the inside of the helmet and make the sound form inside the helmet Powerful surround sound effect, so you can listen to music and navigation while riding without wearing headphones.

There is a helmet headset with excellent cost performance. It has a powerful surround sound effect to give you a super immersive concert experience; Bluetooth is 5.0 EDR, and the connection range is 10-15M; IPX-8 is waterproof, not afraid of wind and rain; The 400 mAh headset battery can be used continuously for 8 hours, while the charging time is only 1.5 hours, but the standby time is 280 hours; the body uses environmentally friendly ABS and PC,High-definition microphone can resist wind noise up to XXX speed; and the appearance is stylish and very suitable for riding .Little buddies.


Helmet headset is very practical for motorcycle riding enthusiasts. It can listen to music, make calls, communicate with friends and use navigation voice without affecting the safe use of the helmet.

Those who don’t have a helmet headset can buy it. Buying now to find a customer service lady will have a great discount