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Portable 10000mAh Mini Power Bank With Night Light
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Portable 10000mAh Mini Power Bank With Night Light

2021-08-30 15:09


Portable Power Bank 10000mAh Mini Power Bank with Night Light and Hidden Bracket LED Display Powerbank for Travel Home

Warm Night Light & Phone Mount & LED flashlight:The Warm light can be automatically adjusted and can be used as a small night light in the bedroom,The warm light design at night does not hurt the eyes. The standby time of warm light is about 15 days.Push-pull type hiding bracket,Easy to use, will not affect the beauty of the product.White LED lights can be used for lighting.

Support Three Devices Charging:Built-in dual cable (apple /Type-C Interface),can be used to charge three devices at the same time. You can use it with your friends.The built-in cable can be removed.With a USB output port, Type-C input port.

Hidden Bracket:You can watch the video when charging, don't worry about power off, release your hands.

Compact and Portable:Does not take up space to carry, thin, compact and more portable.ABS plastic shell + TPU soft plastic lampshade, feel better.

Fast Charger:Adopt A high-capacity battery,Built-in fast charging 2.4A output,about 2 times faster than normal charging.

Safe Charging Reject Virtual Power:The new stable current charging can increase the charging speed by 70%, and automatically switch to trickle mode to reject virtual power when it is full quickly.



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