Precautions for purchase and use of universal 20W PD Wireless Powerbank

2023-01-05 14:46

The universal 20W PD wireless powerbank obtains power through wireless induction to charge, that is, it does not need to use wires for connection, just put the mobile phone with wireless charging function on the wireless charger to achieve charging, compared with wired charging power More portability. What are the precautions for purchasing and using universal 20W PD wireless powerbank?

universal 20W PD Wireless Powerbank
(2) The rated capacity is more informative. The rated capacity is the amount that consumers can actually use. When consumers choose a universal 20W PD wireless powerbank, it is more valuable to refer to the "rated capacity" on the package. The higher the rated capacity, the more times the mobile phone can be charged.
(3) Special attention should be paid to avoiding metal objects. Wireless charging is like a small "induction cooker". When the power is turned on, a metal object is placed on it, which will cause the metal object to heat up rapidly, which will cause damage or burns to the universal 20W PD wireless powerbank. Mobile power code products are special, and there is a greater chance of contact with metal. Therefore, when using or carrying a universal 20W PD wireless powerbank, special attention should be paid to avoid placing metal objects in the wireless charging area. Pay attention to carry it separately from metal objects to avoid unnecessary safety accidents.