Selection indicators of 22.5W fast charging powerbank

2022-07-20 08:49

(1) Conversion rate
(2) Compatible with diversity

(3) Charging time
The charging time here does not refer to the charging time of the universal 22.5W fast charging powerbank to the mobile phone device, but the charging time of the power supply to the universal 22.5W fast charging powerbank. When choosing a mobile power supply, you should pay attention to the charging time. Divide the capacity of the mobile power supply by the charging current, and then divide it by the work conversion coefficient of 0.8 to get the approximate charging time.
(4) Security
Battery explosion is the worry of many people when they buy a universal 22.5W fast charging powerbank. In fact, the battery is very safe under normal use. However, in the environment of short circuit, high temperature, etc., the lithium battery will change, which is caused by the activity of lithium ions. Lithium batteries are prone to bulge and even explode under short-circuit and high-temperature conditions. However, the lithium batteries on the market today are all flexible packaging, and there is no outer iron shell package, which is relatively safe for normal use.