Suction cup design potable wireless pd charge power bank 10000mah

2021-02-28 19:12

What! What should I do if it is inconvenient and unsafe to play while charging while the phone is out of power when playing games? What should I do if my mobile phone is out of power outdoors?

At this time, let the suction cup portable wireless PD mobile power help you solve this problem!

The PD suction cup wireless power bank has 18W fast charging plus 10W wireless charging suction cup, comes with a three-port charging cable and a mobile phone holder, and uses ABS material to look exquisite, compact and portable. There are high-end black and white colors for you to choose. The PD suction cup wireless mobile power supply can meet the simultaneous charging needs of multiple different models of mobile phones at the same time. The suction cup design makes it more convenient to charge when playing games and watching movies. The mobile phone holder design allows you to free your hands and watch movies easily, and the compact size is more convenient to carry outdoors. 

Let's have a PD suction cup wireless power transfer!

If your iPhone is plugged in and charging via Lightning, the latter will override MagSafe.