The principle of 20W PD wireless powerbank

2022-12-29 16:34

20W PD wireless powerbank refers to equipment and devices with built-in batteries, which obtain power through wireless induction for charging. Wireless charging technology originates from wireless power transmission technology. Its working principle uses the principle of induction cooker. When the current passes through the coil, a magnetic field will be generated; and the generated magnetic field will form a voltage. After the voltage, a current will be generated. With the current, it can be charged, and now this technology has been used in wireless mobile power.
The principle of 20W PD wireless powerbank: the conversion of magnetic energy into electrical energy is based on the principle of induction cooker.
Because wireless charging requires a sending end and a receiving end, the 20W PD wireless powerbank is equipped with a sending device on the basis of a conventional power bank, and the charging mobile phone supports wireless charging and has a wireless charging receiving coil. In the case of a coil at the sending and receiving ends, the coil at the sending end is connected to a wired power source to generate an electromagnetic signal, and the coil at the receiving end induces the electromagnetic signal at the sending end to generate current to charge the battery.
Pros and Cons of 20W PD Wireless Powerbank:
The advantage is that the interactive data is convenient, the transmission speed is fast, the operation is simple, and the multi-function is integrated. The disadvantage is that the charging can only be done at a short distance.