What are the main functions of the Magsafe External Battery Powerbanks

2022-08-19 16:41

What are the main functions of the Magsafe External Battery Powerbanks?
Magsafe External Battery Powerbanks usually refers to a device that provides energy for cell phone storage. The main functions of Magsafe External Battery Powerbanks are as follows:
1. Dual USB output interface, can charge 2 mobile phones or digital devices at the same time.
2. 3000mAh high-capacity lithium polymer battery, equivalent to 5-6 mobile phone batteries, can be used for 30 days of mobile phone standby.
3. Durable and durable, the number of charge and discharge cycles is more than 500 times.
4. Intelligent control, microcomputer intelligent monitoring and display of electricity.
5. One-button shuttle, one button can realize all function operations.
6. Automatic sleep, automatic sleep in non-working state to prevent power loss.
7. One machine with multiple functions, suitable for digital products such as iPad, iPhone, mobile phone, MP3, MP4, GPS, etc.
8. Plug and play, using the USB port for power supply output, plug in the data cable to achieve portable, anytime charging.

Magsafe External Battery Powerbanks
How to charge Magsafe External Battery Powerbanks?
If the Magsafe External Battery Powerbanks is original, it is very simple, there is a charging switch on the external battery, plug in the power supply, connect the line, put the switch in the charging position to charge the mobile phone;
If there is no switch, just connect the phone to charge.